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Most Frequently Asked questions about Yacht Charter in Phuket

Find Answers to the Most Frequently Asked questions about Yacht Charter in Phuket!

1. How do I book a charter yacht?

Charter enquiry

Birdeye View SailingYou can check the availability of the yacht using the inquiry forms on this website. Alternatively, maybe you have some general ideas about your charter holiday requirements, but would like to receive some more suggestions that might suit your needs.

In either case, please give as much details as possible. We will personally reply to you within 24 hours. The people of the NAKAMAL Team are based in Phuket. We will work closely with you to put together an itinerary, including any special requirements you may have. All of us are experienced sailors and have been working in yacht charter and diving for many years. We are happy to advise you on any question you may have, whether it concerns the yachts, the cruising area, sailing with children, things to do, Thai and European catering, dive sites, weather conditions, local travel arrangements, etc …

Dinghiy with Parasolplease, keep in mind that many of our charters are often booked 6 months in advanced, so it is better not to leave your inquiry to the last minute.

Book your yacht Once you have confirmed your booking, we put the yacht on Working Hold (a temporary reservation until we receive your deposit) for 7 days and you will receive an invoice that we ask you to pay in two parts: Deposit (50%) immediately and Final Payment (50%) 60 days before the start date of your charter. For more details on booking, payment, changing dates, please, see Booking Conditions

Before you arrive here You may want to make flight arrangements, and hotel reservations if you intend to arrive early to your destination. We can help you with suggestions for attractive places to stay, or if you wish, we can make the reservation for you.

Afew weeks before your charter, we will send you a Preference Sheet, through which you can indicate your wishes for the catering: preferred breakfast and cuisine, vegetarian meals, special dietary requirements, wines, your favourite sun downer drink … Also we like to know more about the guests on board, ages of children, sizes for dive equipment. And you can ask us to arrange the pick up from the airport or your hotel.

We recommend that you purchase Travel and Cancellation Insurance covering the activities that you will undertake.

When you arrive here If you asked us to arrange transport from the airport or your hotel, our minibus driver will pick you up and bring you to the location of embarkation for the yacht. There you will be met by a representative or by the skipper of the yacht, and your final questions can be settled or final arrangements can be made, before you embark on your charter holiday.

At the end of your trip We will usually try to meet you at the end of the charter and can make travel arrangements for you from the location of disembarkation. The skipper will contact us to inform us of your requirements.

Sounds OK? What are you waiting for? Send us an email !

2. What are the charter options?

Cockpit & Outside Dining Area Choose the Service Level that you like

1. Crewed Charter Includes the services of a dedicated captain and chef/hostess and all the catering you can wish for. Together with the skipper, you decide on an itinerary and you can choose to be as lazy or active as you like, from never leaving the netting with your book to sailing the boat all by yourself. The skipper knows all the good places to go and the best time to be there. You don’t need to worry about the cleaning, the cooking and the safety of the yacht.

2. Bareboat Charter with Engineer/Guide You are the skipper of the yacht and an engineer is on board to help you with all mechanical aspects of the yacht (checking oil, water, running systems and fixing problems on the spot). The engineer also knows how to sail the boat and will happily act as your guide, knowing the cruising grounds, best anchorages, snorkelling spots, restaurants, etc.. Our yacht only goes out with an engineer, and can not be chartered fully bareboat. The charter rates are lower than a fully crewed charter and the guests pay all the extra expenses. These would be provisions (including enough for the engineer), fuel, water, marina fees, etc. Also, you prepare the meals and look after your cabins and the cleaning of the yacht. This might be a good choice for those that want to eat ashore frequently and don’t need the personal service that a fully crewed charter includes. You need adequate sailing experience and qualifications to charter bareboat with engineer.

Other Options We can design a trip to meet any special requirements or requests. Here are just a few examples:

– Honeymoon and Wedding Trips – Re-union of friends or family – Wedding anniversaries or other anniversaries – Corporate Events or Incentive trips – Team building – Diving courses – Special Diets – On board massage

With regard to the catering: we will do everything to accommodate your personal dietary requirements. Vegetarian menus are no problem and will delight everyone, not just the vegetarians!

The most important thing is to get in touch with us as soon as possible and communicate your special wishes early. With enough warning, most things are possible.

3. Why take a charter vacation with NAKAMAL?

Koh Phi Phi Rainbow over ParadiseSimply because its the greatest vacation on Earth!

Why private yacht charter? Imagine waking up on a private yacht in a different secluded cove each day of your vacation. Imagine deciding whether your day’s activity should include a swim, snorkel or scuba diving or kayaking, or a beach stroll or cross-island hike, a sail to another beautiful island, or just relaxing on deck in the nets. The yacht is excellent and reliable, all perfectly fitted for sailing in the tropics.

If you booked a crewed charter, you’re at ease because you have a crew who, in addition to being your personal tour guides, are looking after the boat, the food and the cleaning. You’re on a floating resort where the scenery always changes, the food is prepared as you like it and you never run out of things to do. When time comes to sail to your next destination you can participate as little or as much in the sailing of the vessel as you would like. The crew will be happy to teach you about the art of sailing, navigating and boat handling.

Why with NAKAMAL? – What you see is what you get: with NAKAMAL all information is transparent, no hidden costs or issues – Booking is as easy as 1-2-3 – Choose catamaran NAKAMAL for an excellent cruising holiday – You can rely on us!

4. How do charter holidays compare with land-based vacations?

Sun roofs on Catamaran NakamalMuch better: total freedom and variety in a perfect setting

Your own personal yacht charter offers you the variety and flexibility that you will not easily find with land-based resorts, hotels and villas. You will see beaches and views that you can not see from the shore and in many cases that you cannot even get to. Each charter is totally customized to your requirements: – no set departure dates and no fixed schedules which you have to adhere to – there are no strangers you have to share your holiday with – you will have anchorages and beaches to yourself when you choose to – you can visit village, bars and resorts from the yacht

The yacht is many things at once: your hotel, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, favourite lounge place, all in a perfect marine setting. And if you wish to go to the next destination: you and your group can decide where to go and when to go, the yacht is yours.

5. What activities are available??

Kayaking with all the Family Water Sports

Our yacht has equipment on board for water sports activities. These include snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and of course the main activity sailing. On NAKAMAL Scuba Diving is also available on request.


Elephant Riding Thailand Land based activities

  • Rock climbing in Phi Phi Island, Raile Beach (Krabi)
  • Elephant rides in Koh Lanta, Phuket
  • Visit fishing village in Phang Nga Bay
  • Visit temples in Krabi and Phuket
  • Visit ancient worshipping caves in Krabi and Koh Lanta

6. What will the food be like?

Yummy and plenty!

The cooks on NAKAMAL are excellent. Your best bet is to let them do what they do best, and sit back and enjoy the magic. Sailing builds up a healthy appetite. We have developed a reputation over the years for providing exquisite meals and we are proud of this. We pay particular attention to the freshness of meals aboard, working hard to maintain their quality, variety and creativeness. Fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood all prepared in the Asian or European style are standard fare.

We also know what kids like to eat and drink, they will be very pleased.

Sy Nakamal Catamaran Fresh Sahimi aboardEach morning starts with a hearty breakfast (Asian, European or American) with plenty of fresh fruit. Lunch is often enjoyed at leisure at an anchorage out-doors on deck under the awning. or perhaps under way in the saloon. Before you start on your evening meal on board, there are snacks or a fresh fruit platter in the afternoon. And don’t forget your sun downer when the sun is at a 10 degree angle to the horizon. On some occasions a sumptuous beach barbeque is offered. And of course feel free to venture ashore to taste the local cuisine if you are tempted.

With notification ahead your particular requirements can be catered for in most cases. In the Preference Sheet that you receive from us before your charter, you can indicate all your special wishes and preferences for food and drinks.

Would you like to learn to cook Thai? Our chef is happy to share her recipes with you and show you how delicious Thai dishes are prepared. You will be able to astonish your friends back home!

7. Can we bring children?

Kids on Board of Sailing Yacht Yes, children love being aboard!

Activities aboard are suitable for all ages and children love playing in the water, exploring with the kayaks or simply being involved in the “crewing” of the boat, helping out with the sails, steering and learning activities that are new to them.

All of our skippers are used to having children on board and many have young families of their own, they are familiar with the needs and safety of children aboard. Especially the catamarans are very suited for holidays with younger children: they have well protected cockpits and being catamarans are more stable. Excellent swimming platforms providing easy access into and out of the water.

8. What should we bring?

Cabin Front StarboardThis is all you need for an unforgettable sailing holiday!

The climate is tropical, humid and warm. For clothing bring casual wear, mostly shorts and T-shirts, swimsuits, flip-flops or waterproof sandals and good walking footwear for venturing ashore. Long sleeves may be required in the evening sometimes and lightweight longer trousers and sleeves protect you against occasional mosquitoes on shore. If you are travelling in Myanmar (Burma), it would be custom to wear clothes that cover knees and shoulders when visiting villages ashore.

Items to bring – for sun protection: a hat and sunscreen that is non oily (oily sunscreens make the decks slippery and also permanently stain cushions, windows, etc). – mosquito spray for going ashore (usually mosquitoes are no problem on the water) – your own medication (a generic first aid kit is on board)

Snorkeling and diving Your own mask, snorkel and fins if you’re inclined, we carry an assortment of sizes but we cannot guarantee the perfect fit. Your own is always the best. For small children you may want to bring your own small size mask. If you are expecting to scuba dive you are welcome to bring your own equipment, but dive equipment is also available for hire. Please, advise us ahead of your sizes. Tanks, weights and weightbelts are always on the dive yachts.

Your bags If you can, bring only soft-sided luggage such as a duffle bag or backpack, since storage space is limited on our yacht and storage of soft luggage is a lot easier. Also hard luggage can easily damage woodwork and paint.

On NAKAMAL we provide bedding, sheets and towels.

9. Are there pirates in Thailand?

No Pirates in Northern Malaysia, Thailand and BurmaWe understand that this is a genuine concern of many people unfamiliar with the waters around Thailand. It is with the utmost confidence that we can say: There is NO piracy whatsoever in the areas we charter (Northern Malaysia, Thailand and Burma) as is also clear from the on-line piracy reports from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). The last act of piracy in the Andaman Sea around Thailand was recorded over 60 years ago.

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