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Nakamal – The Best Choice for Your Family Adventure Holiday!

Family Sailing Holiday in Phuket

Sailing Family Holiday Vacations ThailandA sailing vacation for the whole family is the perfect idea to get the family closer together, and a very welcomed change to the usual full-time employment of children in the house and the internet! The hands-on strategy for all family members on board our yacht Nakamal is a unique experience which will benefit all family members for years to come.

Social competence is exercised; essential bonds between family members develop stronger resulting additional confidence and deeper friendships.

Exotic Family Holidays in Phuket - SUPEnjoy the beauty of nature, passing by islands and other where we anchor. True tropical stunning images and impressions there are to discover for you, and a stunning beautiful underwater world to top it all.
Discussions among stars, and shameless bragging about all the experiences which have been collected in just 24 hours. Countless shared adventures and unforgettable moments are waiting for you!

Imagine your kids wake up and get a healthy breakfast aboard the sailing catamaran Nakamal, and help then to put the captain of the sailing yacht Nakamal to stretch linen and even during the navigation of the sailing route. After the boat is anchored, there is a lot of time to explore the tropical shores on a stand-up paddle board or kayak to explore. Enjoy the wonderful formations of calcareous sandstone rocks and the dazzling white powder-fine beaches of Andamanan ocean.

Sailing Holidays For Families In ThailandThis family adventure holiday is tailored to your personal preferences, and will make your children or teenager a group of happy sailors!
Our family sailing trips provide valuable experience, far away from the everyday life, coupled with fun and responsibility. Our goal is to give you a long-lasting impression. We are confident that this will not be difficult given all the possibilities available.

Activities Available on the Sailing Catamaran Nakamal:

  • Snorkelling
  • Exploring
  • Scuba diving
  • Sailing
  • Star watch
  • Birdwatching
  • Beach enjoyment

Safe Family Sailing Holiday in Thailand

Family Sailing Holidays in PhuketOur team aboard the yacht Nakamal has a lot of experience with young guests and safety is our main concern. Therefore we make any arrangements, and corresponding safety measures are always present. Our team is trained in the use of first-aid. A first aid kit is always on board ready and an emergency radio. Other life-saving devices are also available at all times.

Family Sailing Holiday ThailandOur yacht Nakamal is a catamaran, which has a large, secure covered play area, and in addition is also significantly more stable in the water as a sailing yacht with only one hull. This is a huge advantage, especially for younger children and other guests who do not want to be the whole day in the fresh air. There is also a large shaded area on the fore-deck of sunscreen and cool breeze provides. In any case, we recommend sunscreen products, headgear, and for the younger sailing fans additional sunscreen cosmetics is a must!

All Meals aboard SY Nakamal

Sailing Holidays for Families BreakfastThe food is prepared by our chef Khun Ay, who is a true artist. Skilled whether it is tasty appetizers or multi-course menus. Healthy fresh fish, delicious snacks and meals are certainly welcomed by all on board Nakamal. With Western or Thai dishes Khun Ay will pamper all of you, and the needs of ever-hungry children are well understood by Khun Ay also very well! There will always be more than enough for all there, plus extra appetizers served with a big smile and a sincere, warm welcome in her heart.

Let us know all your preferences and allergies in your family and we will consider all of this, of course.

Visit the best family holiday destinations in Thailand with us, we will be at your side, because we have the experience, and the momentum!

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