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Butang Archipelago Cruise

Sailing Butang Archipelagos - Koh Lipe Langkawi Malaysia

We would like to introduce you to Koh Lipe and the Butang Group of Islands in The Tarutao National Park.

Thailand’s first Marine National Park, established in 1972, consists of 51 islands close to the Malaysian border.
Snorkeling Butang Island
Of the 51 islands all but Koh Lipe are uninhabited. Although Koh Lipe is the smallest island in the group, it offers some nice inexpensive and moderately priced accommodation. There is a relaxed beach life atmosphere here with a few bars and restaurants on the beach. The snorkeling is spectacular in the shallows along the Shoreline.

Not only is the area pristine, but it is also one of the very best sailing areas in Thailand with many nearby islands to explore.

For some, the biggest hurdle with the Butang Archipelago is that it is quite far from the Island of Phuket where most charter boats are based. For this reason, most people who charter yachts in Thailand never make it to these spectacular Islands (very unfortunate for them).

Phuket Butang Archipel Cruise
We however have the perfect solution to this supposed problem. When you book our live aboard sailing catamaran “Nakamal” for a period of two weeks or more, we will take the yacht to Koh Lipe (one of the Islands in the Butang Archipelago) at no extra cost to you. Koh Lipe serves as the ferry and speedboat terminal for the Butang Group of Islands. Normally yacht charter companies charge an additional 2-4 days for the delivery of the yacht to a distant destination such as The Butang Islands. We would love to share this beautiful and surprisingly untouched paradise with you! Contact us here for bookings and further information.

Koh Lipe is the perfect starting point for a holiday of a life time. The island serves as the gateway to an unspoiled paradise, where you will start your unforgettable sailing adventure.

Butang Archipelagos - SY Nakamal - Sailing YachtButang is an archipelago with many uninhabited Islands and countless deserted beaches where you can stroll for hours or simply bask in the glorious tropical sun. Swim in crystal clear water, or take a kayak and explore the many small bays, beaches or rivers going from the shore through mangroves into the rain forest. Perhaps you might even try Scuba Diving on the pristine coral reefs and other great dive sites without any divers except yourselves.

With 30 years of diving experience in this region, Dieter has extensive knowledge of the very best dive sites which he is eager to share with you. The Butang Archipelago is his favorite destination and he will be more than happy to share his secret spots with you. The Islands are also a great place for fishing.

Fishing Barracuda at Butang Archipelagos
You are still able to catch big fish such as the Tuna Family, Barracudas, Red Snappers and many great Kingfish species in and around the Islands of The Butangs to name just a few of the fish in the Butangs. Your catch will be transformed in to a delicious meal by Ay who is the Thai cook on Nakamal.
In the Butang Archipelago you find what you are looking for when you book an adventure holiday in a tropical paradise.

This is not a tourist trap but a wonderfully relaxing private holiday.
Here is what you will find in and around of The Butangs:

  • Deserted beaches with no tourists or hawkers. You may have to share some space with the local monkeys ( I’m sure they wont mind).
  • Unspoiled rain forest, with it’s wildlife and numerous rivers meandering down the mountains, with water that is so clean you can drink it. The Butangs are home to a large Fish Eagle population that catch fish right in front of your eyes, all while you sit in peace on the yacht enjoying a refreshing cold drink of your choice.

Even though you are far away from civilization, in the middle of a natural paradise, you don’t miss out on luxury whilst you’re aboard our sailing catamaran. You still enjoy the best view you have ever experienced on our sailing yacht Nakamal.

Trampoline Nakamal Relax On Deck

You’ll never need a TV to entertain you, there is always something happening. There are big schools of fish jumping around the boat and birds soaring above just about anytime, or you can watch the monkeys in the forest not far from the boat. All this while you sit on the deck of S/Y NAKAMAL in the shade enjoying your refreshing drinks and delicious food.

Koh Lipe Thailand Barracuda Beach BarAll the great places in the Butang Islands can be reached between 20 minutes to a maximum of 3 hours from Koh Lipe. Each day we can visit several beautiful Islands or, if you like we can settle on one spot staying there for as long as you like. Should you feel the need for some civilization and a bit of a night life, just let us know and we’ll set sail for Koh Lipe which offers some nice budget and medium priced accommodations, a beach life which has a great atmosphere and a few bars and restaurants.

As mentioned before, we offer Liveaboard Diving. A fantastic dive can be done straight from the yacht. Jump in with your dive guide whenever you are ready to enter a new dimension and share your underwater experience with lots of colourful tropical fish. Because the Butang Islands are so rich in underwater life, you can do every dive in a different location and usually don’t need to travel more then 10 minutes to find your next dive site.

Diving Manta RaySo now that we have wet your appetite how do you get there!

If you can’t get there with our S/Y NAKAMAL directly from Phuket, you may as well travel via Malaysia.

Koh Lipe can easily be reached with a flight to Kuala Lumpur (also known as KL) in Malaysia. You will need to book a connecting flight to Langkawi which is also in Malaysia and from there you take a 45 minute trip by speedboat to Koh Lipe (here is the speedboat timetable). Once you arrive to Koh Lipe you just walk 20m up the beach to the Immigration office and check into Thailand. Presently you only get a 15 day visa at arrival. If you intend to stay longer it is easiest to obtain a tourist visa from the Thai Embassy or Consulate in the country of your residence.

 Dolphin on Top
There are lots of advantages to travel to Koh Lipe via KL instead of BKK. During the high season from Oct. – April flights from overseas to Bangkok are often fully booked, and are always expensive. For KL you can find much cheaper offers and it’s easier to get a seat. Air Asia for example is offering very cheap flights from London.
Air Asia also has 7 flights a day from KL – Langkawi and flight time is 1 hour. The speedboat from Langkawi only takes 45 min. through a beautiful scenery, less time than in a taxi from Phuket Airport – Chalong Bay where most charter boats are anchored.


Sunset at Butang Archipelagos

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